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From her early years, Florence wanted none of this and dreamed of a life with purpose. Her most famous contribution came when she left London for the Crimean Peninsula where she served the wounded and dying in the Crimean War. In the midst of the most unsanitary conditions, she established strict care and sanitation protocols.

Her relentless work during this time destroyed her health, but still she carried on and established the Nightingale School of Nursing. After years of ill health, Florence Nightingale died at the age of ninety. Although she wanted little fuss, her funeral was attended by thousands of people who had been touched by her care, teaching, and dedication. Author Catherine Reef presents an honest portrayal of Nightingale with human flaws such as ambition, authoritarian management style, and single-mindedness which often meant Nightingale ignored the needs of family and friends.

There are detailed notes for each chapter of the book and an extensive bibliography. Recommended for middle and high school readers.

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Assassin's Heart. HarperCollins Publishers HarperTeen. Lea lives in a kingdom with families of assassins. At seventeen, she's in a forbidden relationship with a rival family's assassin, Val. This Romeo and Juliet setup immediately leads to tragedy, with Lea's family ending up dead, and Lea suspecting Val of betrayal. Lea sets out to seeks revenge on the family who killed her family. Unfortunately, despite the reader being told Lea is an excellent assassin, she makes blunder after blunder to a point of disbelief.

Readers who can look past the questionable characterizations and rushed world building might enjoy the adventures and the new romance Lea finds. Gilmore, Jennifer. We Were Never Here. Lizzie Stoller collapses and ends up in the hospital with no warning. She battles her newfound ulcerative colitis and tries to adjust to her gloomy existence in the hospital. When she begins to visit with Colin and his therapy dog, her world begins to open up once more.

However, Colin has secrets he is hiding. What could have been an intriguing romance is flattened by stiff, unlikeable characters with no chemistry. The novel ends on a bittersweet note, capturing the longing of a relationship, one which couldn't work out. Fans of romance novels might not be satisfied with this one.

Manual Gender and Empire (Gender and History)

Holmes, Kathryn. How it Feels to Fly.

The therapy goes deeper than Sam's eating habits, and as she meets other artists and athletes with their own insecurities and fears, Sam delves deep into herself in order to heal. Sam's internal progress is realistic and affecting, and the diverse supporting characters all feel developed and realistic. Anyone who hasn't liked who they saw when they looked in the mirror will relate with Sam's struggle.

Keyser, Amber J. The V-Word is a necessary, frank, and diverse collection of true stories from women on losing their virginity. The stories, all fairly short, explore the awkwardness, excitement, uncertainty, and empowerment of sex, both straight and queer encounters. Following the stories is a section which answers questions about sex, the female body, masturbation, following one's values, and safety and consent.

The result is an honest, healthy look at sexuality which doesn't try to persuade or dissuade teenage girls on whether or not they should have sex. The result is a much-needed, informative, and personal book and it can empower teenage girls as they figure out their own sexuality and courses of action. Raisa is a slave, but in a world where words are sacred, she also belongs to a group educated in reading higher order symbols. The novel opens with the beheading of the current Tutor-in-training, and Raisa is soon sent to take her place.

Gender and Empire

She takes up a grueling training process, where any mistake could mean death. Amidst all of this, she begins to fall for Prince Mati, the man she is training beside. Additionally, a resistance against the current political system is beginning to form — a resistance in which Raisa could play a key role.

The plot is slow-moving, with a good deal of the plot devoted to the romance, which may disappoint some fantasy fans.

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Schwab, Victoria. This Savage Song. Kate is trying to prove she is as ruthless as her father. August, a monster, wants nothing more than to be a human, even though he can steal souls with a song. In a post-apocalyptic former United States where different kinds of monsters terrorize the outer limits of the cities, Kate and August strike up an unlikely friendship. While the plot moves slowly at first, the two main characters are unique and interesting and keep the reading engaging.

Recommended for high school readers who enjoy post-apocalyptic stories or horror. First in a series. Tims, Laura. Please Don't Tell. Joy doesn't remember what happened at the party where Adam Gordon died. Did he fall into the quarry—or did someone push him? Joy begins to panic and thinks she is the killer when an anonymous blackmailer begins threatening to expose her.

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Joy's twin sister, Grace, has secrets of her own. This book is elevated from a typical whodunnit thriller by a complex relationship between the two sisters, strong supporting characters, and a satisfying twist ending. Pilkey, Dav. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing.

This book, great for ages , tells a simple story about the friendship of two dogs. It would be ideal for early English and Spanish learners, as it is in both languages. Fun and educational activities are in the back of the book.

Este libro, para edades , es un cuento sencillo sobre la amistad de dos perros. Barnett, Mac. The Magic Word. Illustrated by Elise Parsley. The consequences are appealing to Paxton, but not the babysitter or his parents. Readers may wonder why someone with a disagreeable, sarcastic, demanding, yet lazy demeanor would agree to babysit an energetic boy in the first place, but the cause and effect scenarios can generate worthwhile discussions. Marciano, John Bemelmans. The Witches of Benevento: Beware the Clopper!

Illustrated by Sophie Blackall. Book three of the series, The witches of Benevento, is written for boys and girls, ages 7— Children are terrified of the witches and other supernatural beings, including the Clopper, Janara, and Manalonga.

Manual The Traitor (The Dungeoneers Book 3)

Maria Meppina is terrified of the witches, and always follows the rules to avoid contact with the supernatural. She is also curious and one day, instead of following the rule of running through the theater to avoid a witch, she stops in the middle and meets the Clopper. The subsequent events will resonate with children who are also tempted to withhold the truth and keep a pleasant secret. John Bemelmans Marciano, grandson of Ludwig Bemelmans, author of the original Madeline books, crafts a delightful tale set in a different time period; a story celebrating curiosity, family, and intergenerational friendship among very different people.

Priebe, Gigi. The Adventures of Henry Whiskers. Illustrated by Daniel Duncan. Henry Whiskers is a mouse with human characteristics living in a dollhouse at Windsor Castle on a hill above the River Thames in London, England.