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I'm A Celebrity Almost two decades into the century, quality Western films are alive and kicking. Modern Westerns crafted by film makers like Andrew Dominik , the Coen Brothers, and Quentin Tarantino pay a tribute to the legacies that preceded them and give a fresh twist on execution. Brad Pitt is a sullen, meditative Jesse James and, in a movie star-making performance, Casey Affleck breathes life into one of the most despised little twerps in American history, Bob Ford—the man who shot James in the back.

Based on the well-researched and recommended novel by Ron Hansen , The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford allegedly Pitt stipulated in his contract that the wordy title remain takes its time unfolding but is never tedious, reveling in rich character nuances. Specifically, why Ford went from admiring the infamous outlaw to murdering him for a full pardon and thirty pieces of silver. Even today, James remains a controversial figure, some considering him a two-bit thief, while a great many mid-westerners and southerners see him as a Robin Hood who fought back against the unfair Reconstruction Era following the Civil War.

Pitt, who knows a thing or two about celebrity himself, plays a paranoid world-weary James to perfection. Pitt turns in an undeniably stout performance.

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A huge part of that identifiability stems from the film starring John Wayne that earned the actor an Academy Award for his performance the Charles Portis novel started it all, followed by this movie, a sequel— Rooster Cogburn also starring Wayne, a forgettable TV continuation with Warren Oates, and then the Coen brothers decided to take a whack at it. What the Coens filmed is essentially what came before, with Jeff Bridges turning in a very Duke performance as the irascible Cogburn.

With few options left, he reluctantly agrees and soon finds himself back in outlaw mode. In one scene, the camera lingers on the hardened Butch Cassidy, caught in an abandoned mine with the posse closing in, once again resorting to what he does best—gunning away at his pursuers. Ain't nothing richer than that. Had some good friends too.

21st Century Cowboys

Likable film, though the flashbacks of a young Butch, Sundance Kid, and Etta Place are unnecessary and only end up making me long for Paul Newman, Robert Redford, and Katherine Ross from the movie. Bounty hunter Dr. Accurate history of the times? Loud, bombastic Quentin Tarantino is he ever anything but gloriously so revisionist Western that is equally shocking, hilarious, and often in the same scene.

Like when Big Daddy Don Johnson , leading a raid of bigots to torture and hang, begins squabbling over the tiny slits in their white hoods—one Klan member gets upset and leaves because his wife had put a lot of time and effort in preparing those masks dammit! Moments later most of the men are executed to Sam Peckinpah perfection.

Above all, Broomhilda is intensely brought to life by Ms. Sophisticated, refined, and alone when she offers her services to escort three women Grace Gummer, Miranda Otto, and Sonja Richter , with varying degrees of mental impairments, back east. Assistance of a reluctant sort comes in the surly form of George Briggs Tommy Lee Jones , a claim jumper who Cuddy saves from the noose.

21st Century Cowboy

Swank and Mr. At one-point Cuddy finds the desecrated grave of an eleven-year-old girl and reburies the remains, straightening the headstone. Briggs, not wanting to waste daylight, had already gone ahead, and Cuddy nearly gets lost catching up. When she lashes out that he could have set a fire to guide her in to camp, he coldly replies that he had. The character I had watched from the start obviously had many reasons for what she ultimately does, but there were at least three good reasons to go in a different direction.

Well, in Bone Tomahawk , that storyline is still knocking about Hollywood, but with a major horror mashup rewrite—and thankfully no stereotypical Native American baddies…exactly. The last hour of this movie is not for the faint of heart, with unsettling scenes of flesh-eating where humans are treated as finger-licking good.

David Cranmer aka Edward A.

He lives in New York with his wife and daughter. The movie might be dated now, I suppose, but then so am I. One of my favorites as well, Jack.

Just watched it a few weeks ago. But this list here is concerned only with 21st century Westerns.

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I do recall liking the former quite a lot, partly because of the screen presence of Jeff Bridges and Josh Brolin. The end stayed with me for a long time. Oscar, what did you think of The Homesman?

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Prashant, I thought all the performances in True Grit was top notch.