Stances à la princesse Marie (French Edition)

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Paget became one of the joint founders of the Midwives Institute , which was later renamed the Royal College of Midwives. One of her most important aims was that these midwives should be registered, and this was achieved with the introduction of the Midwives Act Mary Paget later founded and organized the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy. Lady Paget was involved in volunteer work for the war effort during WW I. Lady Minnie Paget died May 18, Lady Muriel established the Invalid Kitchens of London , of which organization she remained the honorary secretary.

With the outbreak of World War I she became involved with the Belgian Refugees Committee and then established and organized the Anglo-Russian base hospital in Petrograd, togther with several field hospitals at the front She accompanied the Russian army into Romania and assisted with her nurses during a serious typhus outbreak At the especial request of President Masaryk, Lady Paget travelled to Czechoslavakia where she became involved in the establishment of hospitals and the setting up of social programs to improve child welfare.

For over fifteen years she was involved with assistance being provided to British nationals then resident within Russia, who had been reduced to poverty because of the Revolution — Lady Muriel Paget died in London aged sixty-one June 16, Lady Paget also remained on close terms with the Danish royal famiky while her husband served as ambassador to Copenhagen.

Stances à la princesse Marie (French Edition)

She played a background role in the romance leading to the marriage of Princess Alexandra to Bertie, the English Prince of Wales Beautiful and vivacious, Lady Paget was much liked by Queen Victoria, who stood sponsor to her daughter at her christening Likewise she received frequent endearing mentions in the memoirs and private correspondence of the Empress Frederick. Lady Paget died Oct 11, aged ninety. She left three children,. Pageti — fl. Pagliughi, Lina — — Italian-American coloratura soprano Pagliughi was born in New York, the daughter of immigrants.

She studied singing in San Francisco, California and made her stage debut at the age of eight in the prescence of the great primadonna Luiza Tetrazzini.

Marie•Renée & Philippe•François «The Princess of Montpensier» ♥My Heart Is Broken♥

Lina then travelled to Italy where she studied singing in Milan, and continued her vocal instruction. She made her official debut in Rigoletto in Milan , and was best remembered for her performances in Lucia di Lammermoor. She retired in and established a singing school in Milan.

Ruben's France: Gender and personification in the Marie de Medicis cycle

Gramophone recordings of her work survive. Pahl, Margaret Ann — — American nun and victim in a sensational satanist cult murder After a lifetime consecrated to service in the Roman Catholic faith, Sister Pahl became a caretaker at the Mercy Hospital in Toledo, Ohio upon her retirement.

At the age of seventy-one she was found strangled and stabbed to death on the floor adjoining the hospital chapel, after having attended the chapel in order to prepare for the Easter mass. Sister Pahl had been stabbed over two dozen times and knife wounds marked a cross on her neck and chest. He was sentenced to life imprisonment with a mandatory fifteen years.

He was said to have been disappointed at not becoming a military chaplain and took his disappointment out on Sister Margaret whom he apparently disliked. Gertrude Pahlow died Jan 29, aged fifty-five. She made about a dozen appearances in silent film comedy shorts — such as Mixed Flats , often appearing with the younger Oliver Hardy and her own husband Charles Ritchie. Through her father she was a descendant of Loup, Count of Pailhars in Foix during the tenth century. With the death, without issue, of her brother Bernard III of Pailhars-Subira c Andree became the countess of Pailhars-Subira, which estates and properties she retained till her death.

She was still living in Being childless the countess disposed of Pailhars to her stepson, Roger III de Courserans, half by gift and half by sale. Pailthorpe, Grace Winifred — — British criminal psychologist Grace Pailthorpe trained as a physician, and worked as a surgeon-in-charge of a flying ambulance unit during World War I. Pailthorpe gained international acclaim for her pioneering work concerning criminal psychology, and published her official report, Studies in the Psychology of Delinquency , and her book, What We Put in Prison , which assisted her establishment of the first psychological treatment of prisoners, the Institute for the Scientific Treatment of Delinquency, which later evolved into the Portman Clinic.

Paine, Caroline — c — c American traveller and author Almost nothing is known of her personal life. Caroline travelled through Egypt, North Africa and Turkey — and published a narrative account of her adventures entitled Tent to a Harem : Notes of an Oriental Trip which was published in New York. Raised in the Society of Friends, she passed a religious crisis in , and travelled to England and America as a preacher.

Mary Neale was married to fellow Quaker, Samuel Paisley, and died suddenly several days afterward. Principally compiled from her own writings was published posthumously by her husband almost forty years after her death. Pakarinen, Maikki — — Swedish soprano Pakarinen was born at Joensuu Aug 26, became the first wife of the noted Swedish composer and conductor Edvard Armas Jarnefelt — They were later divorced in and she remarried to the composer Selim Palmgren.

Madame Pakarinen was the author of A Guide to Singing. Maikki Pakarinen died July 4, aged fifty-seven, at Turku. She was a talented skater from an early age and was acclaimed as the national Russian ice-dancing champion nine times in a ten years period — Ludmila was married to fellow ice-skater and dancer, Alexander Gorshkov, and the couple became famous world-wide, winning half a dozen world championships for Soviet Russia, including the Olympic gold medal at the Innsbruck games Ludmila retired after this and turned her talents to coaching younger skating champions, including Natalia Annenko.

Ludmila Pakhomova died in Moscow from leukaemia, aged thirty-eight. Dorothy was married c to Sir John Pakington, of Westwood, Worcestershire, to whom she bore three children. She is credited as the author of the Whole Duty of Man which was published anonymously Her authorship was publicly revealed for the first time by the scholar and author George Hickes Lady Pakington died May 10, aged about fifty-five.

She was interred in the church of Hampton Lovett in Worcestershire. She bore him a son and two daughters.

Dethroning And Exiling Indigenous Monarchs Under British And French Colonial Rule, 1815– 1955

With the death of Sir Thomas, Lady Dorothy was the sole executrix of his will. Lady Dorothy died May 2, aged thirty-six.

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She was married to the Greek prince Giorgios Palaeologus died c , and their daughter Anna Palaeologina later became the wife of Uros I c — , King of Serbia. The heiress of the important fiefs of Jerrhai and Lemnos, Theodora died a prisoner of Alexis Apokaukos during the Byzantine civil wars.

Palatina — fl. She became the wife of Bodegiselus, dux in Provence and Austrasia, to whom she bore a son. This marriage produced an only child Prince Vassily Yurievitch — who died in infancy. With the death of her husband Ivan arranged a magnificent funeral and provided Duchess Juliana with luxurious accommodation within a royal convent. There she remained retired from the world. In a fit of anger because he considered that Juliana was living too retired an existence, he affected to consider this as an insult to his former goodness to her and ordered her to be murdered by his henchmen.

She was married firstly to Erich von Pistohlkors, to whom she bore a daughter, Marianne Pistohlkors — who was married three times, lastly to Count Nicholas von Zarnekau — Olga and Pistohlkors were later divorced. Madame Pistohlkors was married secondly at Leghorn to the Romanov grand duke, Paul Alexandrovitch — as his second wife, though Tsar Nicholas had refused his formal permission. The marriage was morganatic and Olga was created countess von Hohenfelsen by Prince Luitpold of Bavaria. Her husband was murdered in St Petersburg by revolutionaries, as was her son, though the princess managed to flee Russia with their two daughters, and found refuge in Finland She later settled in Paris where she died Nov 2, aged sixty-two.

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By Grand Duke Paul she left three children,. Dorothy was married firstly in London to Prince Anton Albert Radziwill — , to whom she bore a daughter. This marriage also ended in divorce and there were no children. Her only child was Princess Elzbieta Radziwill born who was married twice, firstly to Prince Witold Czartoryski — and secondly to Jan Tomaszewski born Countess Palffy died Aug 17, aged sixty-eight, in Lausanne, Switzerland.

She had served time in prison for prostitution , but then ran a high class call girl organization by telephone, from her own home in southern California, known as Pamela Martin and Associates. Palfrey became rich and made over two million dollars from her business, employing well over one hundred women, who serviced some very influential people in politics, business, and society circles, many of whose phone numbers were listed in her private directory. Palla — fl.

It transpired that Caelius had been charged with illegally alienating some of her property from the rightful heirs, which was the cause of a family disagreement. Palladia — c — c AD Roman Christian martyr Palladia was the wife to a Christian soldier, to who she had borne several small children. Her husband, together with two hundred and fifty of his fellow soldiers and their captain, Meletius, were all condemned and executed for their refusal to reject their faith, during the persecutions instituted by the Emperor Diocletian.

Palladia, together with two other Christian women, Marciana and Susanna, together with their young children were all brutally killed, their limbs being broken. Venerated as martyrs May 24 , the three women are usually represented in religious art with a child holding a palm leaf.

Bodonitsa was ruled by her mother and stepfather during her minority, and after her marriage by her husband Bartolommeo Zaccaria of Genoa. With his death Guglielma remarried to Niccolo Zorzi, a Venetian patrician, which alliance permitted her to retain the fief of Negroponte and to assert her claims to the castle of Larmena. The dispute over Larmena continued and was eventually decided in favour of the Venetians which caused Guglielma to blame her husband for this failure. When Zaccaria ordered the execution of one of her relatives Guglielma aroused the mob against him and his was forced to flee Negroponte.


Despite an order from the Venetian Senate she refused to restore Zaccaria to his former position or return his estates. With his death Guglielma installed her eldest son Francisco Zaccaria as joint ruler and managed to salvage her relationship with the Venetians. At her death she was succeeded by Francisco.

Well educated she spent time amongst the literary salons and intelligentsia of her native city, and herself produced plays, dramas and verse. Angeliki Palli is best remembered as the author of a work for young nursing mothers entitled Discorso di una donna alle giovani maritote del suo paese , which exhorted them to educate themselves and thus achieve some form of emanciptation from paternalism.

Her last work, the poem Epiro e Thessalia , was a patriotic acknowledgement of the place in her heart accorded by her to her homeland Greece. Palmatia — fl. Both women received a letter from Pope Hormisdas asking them to assist his papal envoys in Constantinople and he styled them ampulitido vestra. This letter has survived and is preserved within the Collectio Avellana: epistulae imperatorum, pontificum, aliorum AD — Miss Palmer, whose Christian name remains unrecorded, arrived in Lucknow by ship from England Dec, and was amongst the group of civilians who became trapped in the siege of the British Residency at Lucknow several months afterwards.

Disregardin advice to remove from the unsafe upper floor of the Residency, she was engaged in removing some of her possessions to safety when she was struck by a shot which almost completely severed one of her legs July 1, Despite her pleas that she be left to die in peace, army surgeons amputated her leg, but she died within days, showing great personal fortitude and courage, her only concern being for her grieving father.

Palmer, Alice Elvira Freeman — — American educator and poet Alice Freeman was born in Colesville, New York, and became the wife of educator and author, George Herbert Palmer — , head of the Philosophy department at Harvard University for forty years — Alicia Palmer served five years as the president of Wellesley College — and was the founder of the American Association of University Women. With her husband she wrote The Teacher: Essays and Addresses on Education , which were published posthumously , as was her volume of poems A Marriage Cycle Alice Freeman Palmer died Dec 6, aged forty-seven.

Palmer, Anna — fl. Her ultimate fate remains unrecorded. Anna Campbell Palmer died June 18, aged seventy-four. Palmer, Bertha Honore — — American socialite and diplomatic figure Bertha was born in Louisville, Kentucky, the daughter of Henry Honore, and was educated by nuns in a convent in Georgetown. She became the wife of the diplomat Potter Palmer — Mrs Palmer died May, in Chicago, Illinois.