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AI player names Edit When playing a random map game against the computer , the player may encounter any of the following Teutonic AI characters: Albert the Bear c. Took part in crusades against the Slavic Wends, as well as the Storming of Milan. Called "the Bear" for his strength and restlessness. Conrad the Salian c. Notable for repressing rebellious factions of the Empire.

Leopold I : Holy Roman Emperor from Famously summoned an imperial army to defeat the Turks at Vienna, however had less military success against the French. A patron of learning and the arts. Lothair : Holy Roman Emperor from Son of the previous Holy Roman Emperor Louis the Pious, fought a civil war against his siblings which led to the breakup of Francia. Frederick Barbarossa : Holy Roman Emperor from Known for his ambition, charisma, and political savvy, as well as his battlefield successes. Presided over the height of the Holy Roman Empire's territorial expansion; also presided over the sixth crusade, which secured Jerusalem under the control of the Kingdom of Jerusalem.

Last of a succession of emperors who successfully dominated the Papacy.

Son of Conrad the Salian. Henry the Lion c. Used his political and military acumen to gain control of large swathes of the Holy Roman Emperor. Son of Lothair II. Defeated Magyars at the Battle of Riade, and successfully subdued various Slavic tribes. Father of Otto the Great.

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King Wenceslas : King of Bohemia from until his death; elected German King in but deposed in We asked their descendants. The Extinction Rebellion founder says genocides are "like a regular event" in history.

From "The Pianist": Chopin Nocturne C sharp minor (Arjen Seinen).

A middle-aged man and a young woman met as part of Germany Talks. They were separated by 30 years and widely diverging world views. But they got along just fine. Now, hundreds of people have shared their experiences. What will become of the Britain after Brexit? Lord Waldegrave says there is a risk that the UK will break up. But it could find a future as a successful middleweight. Europe finds itself threatened by a new divide, with Eastern European populists vilifying the West to stop their citizens from leaving. Even if the anger and pain are intense given that a quarter of eastern German voters support right-wing radicals, the East still passed the maturity test in The government in Berlin needs to see that China exploits the weaknesses of liberal democracies.

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Since Germany's reunification, millions of people have left the East, triggering a demographic crisis. There's propaganda, violence and hate on both sides, and young people have been cut off from many opportunities. Yet life goes on here in the Gaza Strip. Beginning in autumn , refugees spent several months living in a Berlin gymnasium.

We asked of them what happened after they left. Emergency shelters were the first housing provided to refugees in Germany in What about today?

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  6. Three Syrians explain their path out of the temporary accommodation. The debate over colonial art raises fundamental questions, like should collections swap Rothkos for works of diverse young artists? Yes - and that's just the start.


    From ancient myths to current blockbusters: Humanity has always been fascinated by its own demise. Which is why we never noticed that it has already arrived. It's been said that the Halle terrorist was a lone wolf.

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    Yet he adopted the same narrative espoused by right-wing populists in talk shows. Trump is profiting from the mistakes made by the political left. What Germany should learn from this failure. Home News Alphabets Phrases Search. Click on any of the phrases that are links to hear them spoken.

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