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When they think about it. Which isn't often. Listen to me. As long as we don't rub their faces in it It's easy for them to ignore the fact that there have to be others. They can even accept the existence of a Superboy. Or a Supergirl. Rao's flames! There are over two hundred of us here!

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They'd never accept that! You have to think of the Family! Films — Animation. In The Brave Little Toaster , all appliances are alive and intelligent beings. For some unexplained reason, they never want their "masters" to catch them talking or moving about, with only functionally communicating machines such as TVs being allowed to communicate with them, and only indirectly. The toys of Toy Story drop or freeze in place when humans or animals approach. This is apparently a societal more, as they treat breaking cover on Sid in the first movie as a desperation move.


Compare this to Jim Henson 's The Christmas Toy , in which toys are animate when humans are not looking at them. Any toy caught out of place is "frozen forever" and cannot reanimate. This creates a Plot Hole when you realize Buzz did the same thing even when he didn't realize he is a toy. Films — Live-Action.

Carpenters "This Masquerade"

Apparently, very few people have been told about the existence of the The Adjustment Bureau. Richardson: You've just seen behind a curtain you weren't even supposed to know existed.

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In the Philip K. Dick short story, "Adjustment Team", the story's protagonist stumbles into a world that is in effect behind the scenes of the observable world where omnipotent beings alter the flow of reality to fit some kind of ineffable design. He opts to subject himself to Laser-Guided Amnesia at the end of the story.

In the Alcatraz Series —Most of the world, known as the Hushlands, is controlled by Evil Librarians who use their control of information to teach all sorts of lies about history, economics, geography, physics, etc. The Free Kingdoms are continents that have not yet been conquered by the Evil Librarians, so they don't even appear on Librarian-approved maps. For example, one of the Free Kingdoms is in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. In Animorphs , the existence of the Yeerks is largely unknown on Earth.

There is one website devoted to Yeerks, but it is run by a Controller. Justified in that Yeerks tend to go for important people, and many people in the media are probably Controllers. The fairies in Artemis Fowl live underground to avoid humans, although it wasn't always so. Also, the demons in "The Lost Colony" used to live in Limbo.

The eponymous main character of The Automatic Detective stumbles upon one of these: aliens who believe the world isn't ready for them, and so have been deliberately introducing all manner of mutations into the human population, until they can eventually blend in with them. In Beautiful Creatures the Caster world and its secrets are completely hidden from the rest of the world and Gatlin, a town where "Nothing changes". Many mortals themselves are involved, including the librarian, the main character's house mother, the main character's own deceased mother, the town mailman, and eventually the main character and his best friend as well.

Lilliputians living among humans, such as The Borrowers or the Main Characters of the Nomes Trilogy , are often shown keeping their existence a complete secret from humanity. Of course, small size helps a lot with this. In John C. Wright 's Chronicles of Chaos , Greek gods are raising hostage children in what appears to be a school; they are hiding this not only from the outside world but from the children themselves.

However, they are allowed to cross the border and be a tourist in the other city, in which case they unsee their own city and see the other one instead. Unseeing is a deliberate act and you can 'see' the wrong city if you want, but you will immediately be 'disappeared' if you do children are allowed some leniency while they learn the system. It is never clear if this is a masquerade created by the people who live each city or if there is some other cause. In Robert E.

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  • Howard 's Conan the Barbarian story " Shadows In Zamboula ", this is rumored of Aram Baksh, who has managed to keep himself from official notice but not Infallible Babble : he is said to be a demon in human form. The truth is also something ugly. Present in Dance of the Butterfly , including keeping the reader on the hidden side of it until nearly the end of the first book! A character who's been taught to maintain the Masquerade his whole life goes bonkers when the heroine openly discusses the supernatural in a New York coffee shop.

    He asks her to pipe down and not discuss 'them. The point being, it's New York, and people have been so inured by slasher flicks and horror films they aren't going to believe it anymore anyway. Specifically, she says "The only way they'd pay attention is if I stripped on the table top for them. This mistaken belief was deliberately disseminated after the Mage Wars, as keeping wizards celibate seemed like the surest way to prevent sorcerers from being conceived. This is actually true, but exaggerated; the effect is temporary at worst, and seems to be due to to difficulty concentrating more than anything.

    Actually averted in the web-novel Domina. One of the first things the Reasonable Authority Figure does when he finds out the city is being attacked by super-powered zombies is go on TV, explain everything, and warn people not to panic.

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    In Dora Wilk Series and its spin-off, Shaman Blues , the supernatural world keeps iself secret from the muggle one, mostly for the sake of convenience, which actually makes things in convenient when there's supernatural trouble brewing in regular world. The Masquerade in The Dresden Files doesn't have a name, but it's understood as an unspoken gentleman's agreement by most of the supernatural community, even with the people it's meant to keep out of the loop.

    Most humans, derided and sneered at by all sorts of creatures as ignorant prey, are considered a sleeping giant. Especially in the modern 21st century, where numbers and technology are a great equalizer against the raw power of, say, vampires, fairies, and demons. While most entities take care not to be indiscreet, they don't have to try too hard , since most humans wouldn't like the implications that the safe, sane, rational world is a lie.

    Chicago PD has a Special Investigations unit where they dump off all the weird stuff, and they simply handwave it off with rationalizing stories. Oddly, besides Karin Murphy , very few of the SI personnel seem to be aware of the supernatural world. Whereas most of the supernaural world tries to keep out of the eyes of normal people, Harry actually advertises his status as a Wizard and assists the Chicago Police Department's Special Investigations branch in mysterious cases. Many people still think he's a charlatan or a stage magician or his listing is a misspelling of "lizard".

    Proven Guilty has a vampire tell Harry that he dare not threaten the Masquerade by acting against him in public. Harry comments that he's listed in the phone book, under Wizards. Many supernatural organizations will invite straights into their ranks, but it tends to be a lifetime appointment. The Vampire courts are known to use humans when they need staff, but: the Red court tends to kill off their people, expecially by accident or out of pique; White Court when they humans are no longer useful and they don't want info getting out; and Black Court vampires use varying levels of psychic domination, the most extreme being Renfields who go irreversibly if their master dies.

    In one book, Harry specifically notes that involving the general public in supernatural conflicts would result in an escalation into global chaos. However, in a later book, when fighting an enemy faction that refuses to adhere to any of established rules, he seriously considers the option of getting the government to attack them under guise of them being terrorists which is what they are anyways. Calling in mortals is seen as something of a "nuclear option" in the supernatural world.

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