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February, A. Lists pp. See Bossuat, 5. For CP see index, and pp.

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Holden, MLR, 89 , — A bibliography of items, updating Kennedy, , and incorporated in Kennedy, An analytical bibliography of items numbered — covering the period — and structured in the same way as Kennedy, There is, however, an additional section, Chapter VI, listing reviews which appeared too late for inclusion in the volume.

Bibliography of sixty items manuscripts, editions, translations, critical studies. Draws on and supplements Kennedy, , and Yenal, though these works are not mentioned. CPN, 8 issues Sept. The issues are numbered as follows note distinction between volume and issue, issue being used for first time in December : vol. CPN, issue 9 March Richards has made issue 9 and all the previous issues by Margolis available on the web www.

On CP, see II, p. For original volume, see Frey, CP: pp. Bibliography, pp. Includes early editions of CP, pp. From , one volume per year.

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  • Works (654).

Bachrach, Spec, 71 , — Coverage of France pp. For volume I, see McDonald, Description of Epistre a la reine in All Souls , pp. Selected entries in dictionaries and encyclopedias are often listed without comment, though it should be noted that collectively they testify to the current vogue of interest in CP. Items are listed chronologically, and alphabetically by author within a given year. First published Listed in Yenal, no and Schimmer, , p.

Includes section on CP. Jahrhunderts, ed. Beck, , pp. CP, pp.

Katharina M. Wilson, London: St James Press, , 2 vols, pp. CP, II, pp. Excellent, up-to-date overview. Listed Schimmer, , p. Use with caution for CP bibliographical slips p. For CP, see pp. Brief but well documented.

Peter France, Oxford: Clarendon Press, , pp. William W. DuBruck, FCS, 26 , — Very good, selective coverage of life and work. Christine P. CP pp. Lively and inaccurate. Assessed in some detail by Altmann, Edward Craig, New York: Routledge, , p. Good introduction to CP. Cecile T. Very good, entirely reliable introduction to CP. Sibylle A. German translation of Pernoud, The Bibliography pp.

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Spanish translation of Pernoud, Excellent monograph in German on CP, in elegant format and lavishly illustrated in colour throughout. Covers life and works, with major sections on the debate on the Rose pp. Items are listed in chronological order within each section, and alphabetically by author within a given year.

For additional material, see the general works listed in Chapter II b. It should be noted that only items not identifiable via that index are listed here. Fascinating account of the role of a Parisian merchant of Italian origins in the circulation and commissioning of manuscripts in the late Middle Ages. Discusses progress to date in the creation of a database. The first stage was based on a series of computer files, each devoted to a single published work.

Gives conclusive evidence that CP was influenced not just by text in manuscripts available to her but by illustrations as well. Listed in Encomia, 17 for item as relevant to CP, though the link is not explained. Although there are no references to CP, Chapter 6 pp.

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The Danse Macabre of Women: ms. Contains references to CP pp. Chapter 2 on illustrations is by Sandra Hindman.

Twelve illustrations pp. Listed Encomia, 18—19 —97 for —95 item There are references to the Chemin de long estude, Brussels BR p. The illustrations are printed at the end of the volume. CP figures passim in this detailed iconographical study of BNF fr.


Shows how presentation folios text and image confer status on both recipient and donor. For illustrations see figures 4—8. For inventory of all material covered, see p. In discussion of a small manuscript book now held in Liverpool University Library Liverpool Cathedral, MS Radcliffe 6 containing the Hours of the Guardian Angel associated with Elizabeth Woodville, wife of Edward IV, compares style and dress of female donor in the presentation miniature Colour Plate 9 with depictions of CP wearing her modest head-dress and blue gown.

On Anthony Woodville, see appropriate index. Indicates an omission in Martins, arguing that BNF fr. Ten illustrations. Chapter 2 pp. In addition to listing vernacular manuscripts some of which contain works by CP: see in particular pp. See also James M. Spinelli, Brescia, , pp. Sumptuously produced volumes, published under a Brepols imprint. For CP, see also I, pp. Extensive bibliography, II, pp. Courtenay, Spec, 77 , — Discusses pp.

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Kruger, Minneapolis: Univ. While her portraits rely on tradition, conforming to conventional formats, they are revolutionary in placing a woman in roles previously occupied by men. Lucas, , p. It should be noted that only items not easily identifiable via that index are listed here. Suggests pp. Saunders, MAe, 63 , — On Alice Chaucer, see also Meale, ; Jambeck, Elizabeth New, FR, 70 —97 , — Klinck, International Fiction Review, 24 , 80— Hansen, Signs, 25 , — For editions see ; Carstens-Grokenberger, ; Cruzeiro, ; Crispim, For Portuguese reception, see also Brandenberger, ; Bernard, ; Brandenberger, Geschlechterdebatten seit dem Jahrhundert, ed.

Refers to CP pp. On Woodville, see appropriate index. Thomas F. Fernando Miguel Bernardes, Lisboa, Refers p.

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Excellent detective work on the library of Alice Chaucer, grand-daughter of Geoffrey, a notable figure in her own right, and a capable administrator and landowner. Brewer, , pp. For comment on article as a whole, see Margolis, David Benson, Spec, 77 , — Rees, MLR, 95 , — Four main chapters follow the Introduction pp. Chronology pp. The section on CP pp. Chapter 2, pp. Not on CP, but useful on the court as locus of exchange in diffusion of Italian humanism.

On the Black Death, its impact on the mentality of Petrarch and Boccaccio, the theme of fortune, their influence on among others CP. Two genealogical tables unnumbered pp. See also Wandruszka, An important contribution to reception history, tracing echoes of and reactions to Petrarch as early as the Cent ballades. One important difference concerns the use of vernacular prose: whilst CP moved away from lyric verse to deal with social, ethical, and political issues in French prose, Petrarch continued to work on the Canzoniere right up to his death, reserving Latin for works on ethical issues.

Pursuing a line of archival enquiry that the author has made distinctively his own, updates and revises some of the points raised in Wandruszka, Not on CP, but interesting on contemporary views on family and feminist issues at turn of the century. Listed in Frey, ; Yenal, it figures there as no Publication of type-written thesis.