Global Best Sourcing: A tech-company must-have for maximising profits and eliminating stress

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That includes assigning blame. Focusing on the future—instead of rehashing past issues—demonstrates your commitment to moving forward. Instead, learn to approach negative situations in a positive, productive way.

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Modeling positive, open communication sets a precedent for team members at every level. Check out our tips on how to get started improving team-wide communication and engagement. Between and , the number of employees calling in sick to work due to stress tripled.

Even when they do show up, excessively stressed employees are physically, mentally, and emotionally unhealthier. The aim is to combat burnout before it happens. By encouraging team members at all levels to care for their mental, physical, and emotional health. Managers also have to model self care by showing—not just telling—employees that you value things like good sleep, work-life balance, and taking time for exercise and relaxation.

Remote workers more productive, they log more hours, take less sick leave, perform better, and in general are more engaged at work. Some are taking a mental break, others are using social tools to support professional connections, and sure, some are just slacking off. If you feel the need to monitor how much time your employees are spending on social media, you can do that.

Employee monitoring software, though it comes with its own morale issues, can be a big help here. Tech giants like Google and Facebook understand the importance of job satisfaction. These companies have become famous for offerings like massage rooms, nap pods, and complementary haircuts. A recent Glassdoor survey reveals that four out of five employees would prefer perks to a pay raise. For remote team leaders, entrepreneur Miles Burke offers a handful of extras leaders can extend to off-site workers to sweeten the team dynamic.

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Because of that, the classic formula for productivity no longer applies. Read about productivity metrics in this post. That starts with valuing the quality of the work as much as the quantity and resisting the urge to implement blanket policies that can alienate high-producing employees and cause overall morale to plummet.

2: How Do Your Core Values Prioritize Shareholders, Employees, and Customers?

In the end, it all comes down to this: happy, engaged employees work harder, smarter, and better. Those who hate their jobs and feel disenfranchised or underappreciated may go through the motions, but burnout is all but inevitable. When ingredients like open communication, a focus on self-care and autonomy, and the basic human needs of trust and respect are baked into a company culture, the result is better employee productivity. Throw open the lines of communication, let go of micromanaging, find the good in what your employees are doing and tell them about it , and show you care.

Check out our guide on productivity techniques. Want more ideas on how to improve workplace productivity? Check out our guide to choosing business productivity software.

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How do you create a productive environment at work? Do you focus on engagement? Increase productivity? Encourage remote work? Share your best tips in the comments below! Employee and workplace productivity is a little like breathing. But how do you get to that point?

What turns a poor performer into a productivity powerhouse? How do you make your employees more productive?

Post a job. Source: CRM Learning. The best performers can hope for a 4. Assumes your career will last 10 years. Why are people who jump ship rewarded, when loyal employees are punished for their dedication? The answer is simple. John Hollon, former editor of Workforce. The world is desperate for skilled labor and companies around the globe are starving for talent. This means that we as employees are positioned better than ever to leverage our abilities for increased pay. Use the career and money advice in The Millennial Game Plan to get and stay ahead for good. I found that the people who had switched companies usually commanded a higher salary.

The problem with staying at a company forever is you start with a base salary and usually annual raises are based on a percentage of your current salary. There is often a limit to how high your manager can bump you up since it's based on a percentage of your current salary. However, if you move to another company, you start fresh and can usually command a higher base salary to hire you. Companies competing for talent are often not afraid to pay more when hiring if it means they can hire the best talent.

Same thing applies for titles. Some companies have a limit to how many promotions they allow each year. Once you are entrenched in a company, it may become more difficult to be promoted as you may be waiting in line behind others who should have been promoted a year ago but were not due to the limit. However, if you apply to another company, your skills may match the higher title, and that company will hire you with the new title.

I have seen many coworkers who were waiting on a certain title and finally received it the day they left and were hired at a new company.

How to Reduce an Employee's Work Hours

I can definitely understand this fear because everyone is always worried about being unmarketable. I will be the first to admit that it is possible that certain employers may look at a resume with multiple transitions as a negative and may even disqualify an applicant based on that alone. But, the important question is whether the risk outweighs the reward. In many cases, that is a recipe for discontinuity in service and product offerings as well as disloyalty in the ranks.

As such, we take the opposite approach.