Gezeiten der Sehnsucht: Roman (Die Drake-Schwestern 3) (German Edition)

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Hotel Bristol Vienna - the burning glass of intellectual capacity. Next to the Viennese Opera House it was the home away from home to all conductors, singers and stars who ever stood on its stage. And there is the love story of the Prince of Wales …. An account of transformation, from Indochine to Indochic. Two charming buttleresses were captured by photographer Bill Lorenz. O ver 80 titles await you in our bookshop.

You can browse the exhibition and all authors. I know those concepts can stand alongside this virtual assistant strategy and serve to embellish it in some ways, but is this really in sync with the culture you are trying to create? It is not well. Finally something to smile.

Falsches Spiel: Roman (German Edition)

We have researched the history of numerous individual hotels, recorded their history, and published it in our library. There is a global demand to take history earnest, with a certain twist of entertainment. Our readers are educated, travellers. They want well researched information. So we are as diligent, profound and thoughtful as possible. We should not forget that we have inherited the responsibility to research and record the history of a famous hotel. It is an asset which needs to be developed with expert advise, carefully nourished and accompanied for ever.

Andreas Augustin President famoushotels. And the book is a big success — in fact a bestseller. The history of the hotel is an integral part of the hotel's identity.

Famoushotels provides outstanding references on the truly great Hotels of the world. The research is thorough and the attractiveness of each book combines tradition and history in the settings of todays competitive environment. Keep up the traditions, each book is a unique piece of history in its making. Cornelia Kausch was the general manager of the Corinthia Grand Hotel Royal in Budapest when famoushotels researched and produced the book about the history of this icon of Hungarian hospitality.

The Imperial's pillared verandahs, dining rooms, tea lounges, Royal Ballroom, cool and verdant gardens have been witness to the venue of many celebrated encounters between the British and Indian aristocracy and gentry.

If only walls could speak, here indeed was a repository of fascinating anecdotal material for authors of romantic and detective fiction. It has made a huge impact coming from the most renowned keeper of grand traditions and heritage in luxurious hospitality. Vijay Wanchoo Sr. We are delighted about the research made in cooperation with famoushotels. It is with great pride that we have been welcoming and pampering guests since !

Opened in , this legend of Ukrainian hospitality has set all standards for tourism in the country. The saying goes that he who does not appreciate the past has no future.

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Andreas Augustin - with the help of local professionals - made a deep professional research of the historic data of the Premier Palace and of Kyiv life, as well. After one year of solid work a complete history was established and the author had a clear picture of the development of hospitality industry in Ukraine. The elegant, individual book illustrated with unique historical photographs, published in , became a result of detailed work.

A great challenge: a responsibility towards our founders linked with the promise to continue their work in the same spirit whilst at the same time allowing for the changes and developments of our generation. Our book by Andreas Augustin and his team is a great success with our guests.


Our hotel has a long history and with it many interesting stories have been developed and collected over the years. A luxury brand has in most cases a longstanding tradition. History becomes part of the DNA. Famoushotels' support of our hotel school is a wonderful example of the commitment our alumni and industry friends have to our teaching mission. Thank you again for the thoughtful generousity. David W. For every guest in a hotel it is interesting to know where they are and what has happened at the property. We as the professionals on property need to make personal contact to and with our guests.

History is most helpful in this respect. No one will really remember the color of the carpet in his room, but the history of the hotel and place where they stayed will be in most cases unforgettable, if someone tells you about it. This adds an additional dimension — you are not only enabling your guests to experience a delightful hotel but also a part of the history of the city. It does of course also come with the great responsibility to maintain and preserve such an architectural treasure.

The series of The Most Famous Hotels in the World make a wonderful set of chronological history of some unique trophy palaces. The team of The Most Famous Hotels in the World capture beautifully not only the history, but the vibrancy of many such intriguing organizations, in a well presented format. Our guests have passed much praise and credit on the book in relation to quality, presentation and content. While researching our books about the most legendary temples of hospitality, we always come across interesting findings, more often than not linked to the hotel s we are researching.

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When his family migrated to the USA, he took a large portion of Austrian snide humour across the Atlantic. At 30 he managed the largest hotel chain of the United States. Fluent in French, Spanish, Italian, and marginally fluent in Russian, Chinese and Japanese, Aloha Wanderwell — nomen est omen — was the first woman to drive around the world in a customised Model T Ford. Read her story. The Story. The hotel business has seen many fine promoters and salesmen but perhaps none as creative as Ralph Hitz.

And it worked. Hitz does not rank with the other great hotelmen in the sense that he built an empire or left an estate. He did neither. His period in the limelight lasted only 10 years, a period when the hotel business was at its low ebb in American history. Hitz was a sales and promotion phenomenon, who was able to take ailing hotels and forecast within a few dollars what their sales and profits would be and then produce the sales he had forecast.