Fundamental Astronomy

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World-class journals. Editorial Board. This section has no chief editors. View all Apply. Research Topics. Learn more View all Suggest a Topic. Scope Fundamental astronomy is an essential branch of modern gravitational physics, which explores the fundamental structure of space and time by studying the dynamics of massive bodies and elementary particles, such as photons, in gravitational field on time scales from one orbital revolution to the Hubble time.

It establishes basic theoretical principles for high-accuracy calculation and interpretation of various astronomical effects and phenomena observed in gravitationally-bounded systems, for example, clusters of galaxies, the Milky Way, stellar clusters, binary and multiple stars, and the solar system and its sub-systems. It also provides definitions and models that describe reference systems and frames used in astronomy and geodesy. Fundamental astronomy obtains physical information on celestial objects and investigates physical laws using the methods of astrometry, celestial mechanics and space geodesy which include long baseline radio and optical interferometry, laser and radio ranging, pulsar timing, Doppler tracking, space astrometry, atomic clocks and Global Positioning System GPS , etc.

A special emphasis should be made on relativistic celestial mechanics and astrometry which are relatively new areas of research in fundamental astronomy that receive special attention in experimental gravitational physics in order.

The development of theoretical and observational tools of relativistic celestial mechanics and astrometry are essential for further progress in testing general relativity and direct detection of gravitational waves to bring a deeper understanding of the nature of gravitational field and fundamental structure of the spacetime manifold. Fundamental Astronomy, a specialty section of Frontiers in Astronomy and Space Sciences publishes scholarly and peer-reviewed articles containing high-quality, original research focused on observational, experimental, computational or theoretical celestial mechanics, astrometry and space geodesy.

To accomplish its goals it takes advantage of an interactive review process focused exclusively on research and manuscript quality, and designed to bring out the best of both. Open Access Statement.

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The material piling up on the white dwarf surface can undergo thermonuclear fusion, leading to a significant temporary brightening of the system. Thorstensen and his students will obtain measurements of orbital velocities and distances of CVs, which will improve mass estimates of the components of the binaries and to determine the volume density of CVs near the Sun.

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Thorstensen will provide research experiences for undergraduates by including them on observing runs, and will supervise a graduate student who will work on the analysis of new and existing data. He also plans to improve certain widely-used software packages which he has previously written and distributed to the community.

Fundamental Astronomy

Some full text articles may not yet be available without a charge during the embargo administrative interval. Some links on this page may take you to non-federal websites. Their policies may differ from this site. Schwope, A. Thorstensen, J. Summing Up: Recommended. Upper-division undergraduates and above; faculty and professionals. Maran, Choice, Vol.

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I feel like it is as good a book as far as the basics of theory and observational astrophysics are concerned. Everything is explained clearly and where possible there are helpful diagrams, figures and photos that are there exactly when you need them. Something that I also enjoyed a lot, was the extensive set of tables.

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