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Of course, all of this was subliminal. So I ran with what I had to work with. Many years before that, I figured out I could make an effort to be a good person and still keep my identity, it was pretty great. Well, not literally — I suppose I had my first moment of understanding what that phrase meant.

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Falling in love was actually nothing like that for me, I still have no idea what those songs mean. But what did have that effect, was watching Death Note. He then decides to purge the world of all criminals by killing them, and spends most of the show plotting elaborately to evade the police while still carrying out his plan.

All the articles and stories I ever read about people feeling represented made sense. I was seized with the feeling, this is the story of my childhood. Someone had taken my childhood, really understood it, and put it on tv.

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It was a dance, a meticulous, logistical, item-by-carefully-memorized-item plot to perform perfectly while trying to secretly do what I found important, that was elaborately censured by everyone around me. Knowing exactly what objects in the room are perceptible from what angle. Calculating every single hand motion and body movement to appear normal while incidentally doing the discreet task I needed done.

Measuring exactly how many minutes to travel from one place to another, to derive how much unscrutinized buffer time is available. Taking no risks with that buffer by thinking three steps ahead. Living a constant lie by being in a continuous state of playing out a slightly false story, so that in key moments of authentic, uncontrollable strong reaction, the groundwork is already in place to spin it as something else.

Freeing Kira

For years, other than the mass murder detail, it had been my life. For the first time I felt seen. Though of course I it was coming, I was sad that the protagonist died and failed.

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  7. Of course he died. At the end he got killed by the good guys, in a climax of frustrated desperations. There are only two types of death scenes — the frustrated ones, like Kira and Kilgrave, and the orgasmic ones, like Makishima and Ryuunosuke, in which the villain finds peace with their discomfort with the world in the moment of death. I had hoped for an orgasmic one when I was younger.

    Education as a Burden. Go visit her in the far end of the dungeons where she is tied to a cross. If you do nothing the quest remains active until you decide it is time to free her.

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    If you talk to her you can tell her you will come back later, although she pleads with you not to leave her there. The quest will remain active until you decide to free her. When you are given Destroy Fort Daggerpoint quest, you will find her dead.

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