Financial Advice From Dad

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You also asked me to start learning these things by myself and my journey started. I still remember Dad, when you called me after 1 week of my marriage.

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You said that you wanted to discuss something. Trust me, I was scared.

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I was scared that you will ask me the same question which every parent ask their children- When are you planning to have a kid? But your questions were entirely different. I still remember the conversation when you said — Son, now you are married, you have responsibilities.


I know, you are investing for some time now. But who will take care of your family if you are not around?

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Though I bought it reluctantly, but I came to know the importance of it when I had a small accident. It was a very minor accident, but it gave me a lesson. Tags: Advice , dad , father , financial advice.

The best financial advice from Dads!

We all have our reasons to write. Some write out of happiness, some for sorrow, some do it for their peace, The Swing. Larger Perspective : The part of the whole. I was having a conversation recently with a friend of mine and we were talking about money and wealth and why Achieving financial goals through mutual funds.

Tags: Advice , dad , father , financial advice About author Melvin Joseph is a certified financial planner, fellow of Insurance Institute of India.

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Readers’ best money advice from Dad

If you have a passion that doesn't pay, it's called a hobby. He wanted us to be able to stand on our own, and thanks to his little lessons along the way, we're both doing just that! I still keep the lyrics with me since it is a song that means so much to us. But when work gets tough for whatever reason — a project doesn't go as planned, office politics are complicated, you're putting in a lot of overtime — I always remind myself, This is why I'm getting a paycheck. Don't miss: This is the No. Like this story? Get Make It newsletters delivered to your inbox.

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