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The first thing to keep in mind with The Palm Beach Story is to watch the opening credits! There is a montage throughout them that comes into play later in the movie. Her husband Tom Joel McCrea has grand ideas but can never make a steady paycheck. Through various contrivances Gerry ends up on a train down to Palm Beach where she hopes to meet a rich man who can be her second husband. To her great fortune she meets a man named John D. Hackensacker III Rudy Vallee who becomes smitten and insists on showering her with all kinds of clothing and gifts. Of course when Tom hears about this he is furious and goes to Palm Beach to try and stop it.

With so many half truths it gets pretty nutty and even a little surprising. He was so great at crafting frank and honest dialogue spoken from compelling characters. The banter between McCrea and Colbert is snappy and very fast paced but thankfully the actors are up for the task.

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They even manage to keep her likable despite her taking advantage of Hackensacker and not being very honest. Not an easy task! I was impressed with how modern the script was in both tone and candor. Sex, marriage, divorce, infidelity, loneliness and depression are all discussed in ways that must have made the censors blush back then. Later on in Unfaithfully Yours he will explore these themes even more, but I appreciated there was nothing cloying about the relationships in this script.

The only real downside is not all the physical comedy worked for me. All the actors are up for it but I preferred the more dialogue-based humor. I think it is meant to be a little bit of a poke at traditional romances with perfect happily ever afters. I definitely recommend checking The Palm Beach Story out if you like classic romances with great dialogue. Also, studios should take a look at this film and consider remaking it or paying homage to it. The story and script is definitely still relevant and it would be interesting to see the themes of marriage explored even more so with modern characters.

I know I should be giving you my written reviews for Last Jedi and Coco and I apologize for being woefully behind. I do have reviews of those and Ferdinand on my youtube channel and will be a writing machine over the Christmas holiday because my family is all abandoning me LOL. However, I am not in the mood to write a review tonight but will instead give you my next 12 picks for the Blind Spot series!

Nobody has seen every movie and I certainly have my fair share of big gaps. I encourage all of you to participate if you have a blog or youtube channel! I have long been a Malick defender as he makes art pieces over traditional narratives but here is a narrative about Pocahontas that I have long wanted to see. I love Collin Farrell and am not a big fan of the Disney version so this will be nice to see. February seems like the perfect time to catch up on my Preston Sturges viewing. In The Palm Beach Story he directs Claudette Colbert and Joel McCrea in a comedy where a couple decides to divorce so she can marry a millionaire to help support his big inventions.

I have a confession.

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I have never seen an Ingmar Bergman film. As a film fan of course I know the name but have never seen any of his films. Well, that changes this year with The Seventh Seal. It tells the story of a death row corrections officer during The Great Depression. It was nominated for best picture and best supporting actor for Michael Clarke Duncan, so I look forward to watching it.

Enough said. I will watch it! In I will finish watching all the Studio Ghibli films. One that remains on my list is The Cat Returns. It is about a young girl that gets engaged to a cat prince in a magical world where she must rely on a dapper cat statuette come to life to save her. It looks like a ton of fun!

However, it won 9 Academy Awards including best picture and it is time to check it off my list! This epic film tells the story of the last emperor of China Pu Yi. It is about two sisters who head to the city in search of romance and are hired at a carnival. Kelly plays an American musician one of the girls falls for. I have seen Throne of Blood and Seven Samurai and enjoyed both of those.


Ikiru is another long movie from Kurosawa but it sounds like a very good film. It is about a bureaucrat wasting away at a terrible job a theme I love that finds out he has cancer and must come to terms with his life. Yes, believe it or not I have never seen Scream. Over the last few years I have been trying to expand out of my comfort zone so, I think October will be a good time to check this horror classic off of my list.

This is a horror comedy I am told so hopefully it will be fun. Whisper of the Heart is the final Studio Ghibli film for me and I will have seen the entire canon. It is one of the only films not directed by Miyazaki or Takahata but it definitely has their influence. This seems a surprising plot for so I am intrigued to watch it.

  1. Sources Of Wisdom Book 2.
  2. In The Rearview Mirror: A 1961 road trip across and into the heart of America.
  3. Parallel Universe!

So what do you think of my list? Have you seen any of these films?

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  • Let me know your thoughts and I look forward to a fun ! It is very exciting we have reached my last Blind Spot pick for I hope you have enjoyed the 12 films I have reviewed this year and I look forward to picking 12 more for next year. If you have a blog I encourage you to participate in the series and finally check some of those films off your list you have been wanting to see.

    This is the original version not the remake. I know other people love this dark comedy but it was not for me. I honestly found it pretty hard to get through. They go to a shop and after spying on their daughter Joan Bennett they decide to steal from the family and then escape off of the island. Things get complicated when a snobby relative Basil Rathbone comes in and wants to take over the store.

    I said in my 3 Billboards review that dark comedies are not my thing and it is true here.

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    I know these men are supposed to be bad guys, convicts, but I found them uncomfortable, awkward, perverted and not the least bit funny. They literally are staring at the family and daughter through a window for a good chunk of the movie. The year-old beauty looked in great shape in her form flattering sleeveless blue catsuit, wiith her exposed arms and shoulders showing off her tattoos in all their resplendent glory. In the show, which has been picked up for a full season after strong ratings, her character becomes the subject of an investigation after climbing out of a duffel bag in the in New York City with no memory of who she is.

    And in a Memento-esque twist, the only clues she has are the extensive tattoos on her body. Explaining the exciting defining moment of the debut episode, she said: 'When I get out of the bag in the pilot, I only have a sticker over my lady parts. Jaimie has to go through the process of applying the fake tattoos every day she is filming the NBC show. Sign of the times: The Thor lovely was rushed by excited fanboys before she could escape.

    Meow: The sex kitten looked mighty fine indeed in her form-fitting sleeveless catsuit.

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    Worthy of further examination: The saucy actress' Jane Doe character is found with no memory with her tattoos the only clue to her past. She told the New York Times : 'The basic tattoos on my arms and neck take up to an hour and a half. My arms and torso take four. No doubt there will be plenty of volunteers if a spot opens up in the make-up department of the show, which airs Mondays on NBC at 9 pm. Selfie obsessed: Another jubilent supporter was sent away happy when the actress stopped for a snap. Go ahead punk: She made this excited young gentleman's day by allowing him to take a selfie with her.