Eden and the Siege

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Jennifer Glessner McCoy Editor.

Being raised during the depression had a profound impact on her life and is reflected in many of her stories. At age 20, she attended Gordon Bible College and served as a missionary for four years on the Pine "Eden and the Siege and Other Stories of My Life" is a compilation of short stories, both fiction and non-fiction, based on the life experiences of Marian Glessner. They were married in and served 19 years together in church ministry in the Pacific Northwest until his death in She then embarked upon a third career as an elementary school teacher as she raised her four children, Ron, Raynell, Tom and Jennifer.

Marian began her writing after retiring from school teaching in Marian has 10 grandchildren and 5 great grandchildren. She currently resides in Des Moines, Washington. Get A Copy. Paperback , pages.

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Sign Up. The titans, fitted for mobility, attempted to escape.

Previewing the siege of Eden Park

The Imperium scrambled to engage. Two titans, both Ragnaroks, exploded under a storm of fire. The last, a Leviathan, managed to get away. On the 23 rd of January, the structure would be vulnerable for annihilation.

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Both sides prepared assiduously for the action. This gave them a staging post for supercapitals one jump from Fleets and war resources were concentrated on the structure. Irregular northern forces also put pressure on Imperium non-combatants in Delve, killing hundreds of billions of ISK. The Imperium continued to move supercapitals and other materiel toward the front lines. They also carried out an internal propaganda campaign to fire up players and get them ready for combat. At the end of it, he called both sides fundamentally cowardly. While the impact on the EVE community proper was limited, it ensured that gaming news outlets had an eye on Undeterred by media scrutiny, both sides drew up their battle plans.

The Imperium, as the attackers, had the initiative. They planned to hold their supercarriers and carriers off the keepstar, tethered to a structure on grid. These ships would release swarms of fighters to destroy the keepstar. Titans and dreadnoughts would hold out of system, ready to jump in to defend the carrier force. The Northern Bloc followed suit, deploying carriers.

They were loaded with space superiority fighters, to cut down the incoming Imperial waves.

Siege of Never Eden von Jordan Colt (Hardcover) – Lulu DE

Escorting these carriers were subcapitals, many of them fitted with jamming equipment to disrupt Imperium target acquisition. Titans stood ready out of system to jump in and defend against any Imperium escalation. The first shots were fired around on the 23 rd as Imperium fleets jumped into the system. A Northern Bloc spy in Goonswarm Federation lit a cynosural field on the keepstar. These vessels were shattered by the defending fleets, giving first blood to the north.

By — 17 minutes from the battle starting formally — all ships were in position. Over people were in system , causing crushing time dilation and lag. Flocks of fighters took flight from the Imperium carriers and inched their way towards the keepstar. At , Northern Bloc carriers launched their own fighters.

The timer started at Ten minutes later, the Imperium fighter squadrons finally reached and began engaging the keepstar, pausing its repair timer.

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This was supplemented by Imperium subcapitals, particularly Machariel battleships, warping in. At , some Northern Bloc titans were put on the field to counter the subcapital attacks. Time dilation was now recorded as particularly crushing, with between and minute lag times between fighters being given orders and action. In particular, Imperium carriers struggled to launch fighters to replace losses.

Sep 8th 12222 @ Eden

At around on the 24 th , the Imperium admitted defeat. Remaining subcapitals were extracted from combat, and fighters were abandoned. The next day, the Imperium began convoys southwards. Some fighting continued afterwards, as stragglers attempted to reunite with friendly forces. Both sides maintained subcapital forces in system for a few days afterwards, before turning for home.