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Supplementary file 10 [bjsportssupp Return to play after hamstring injuries in football soccer : a worldwide Delphi procedure regarding definition, medical criteria and decision-making. Br J Sports Med ; 51 : — Return to play: the challenge of balancing research and practice. Br J Sports Med ; 51 : — 3. Blanch P , Gabbett TJ. Has the athlete trained enough to return to play safely?

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Br J Sports Med ; 50 : — 5. Workload and non-contact injury incidence in elite football players competing in European leagues. Eur J Sport Sci ; 18 : — 7.

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Global positioning systems GPS and microtechnology sensors in team sports: a systematic review. Sports Med ; 43 : — Taberner M , Cohen DD. Physical preparation of the football player with an intramuscular hamstring tendon tear: clinical perspective with video demonstrations. Br J Sports Med ; 52 : — 8. Brain updates for return to play following ACL reconstruction.

Br J Sports Med ; 51 : — 9.

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Skill acquisition in sport: some applications of an evolving practice ecology. J Sports Sci ; 15 : — Walker GJ , Hawkins R. Structuring a program in elite professional soccer. Strength Cond J ; 40 : 72 — Patient consent for publication Not required.

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You must download and install it to generate the payload.

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