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All of them want something from Paula. Do they fear her friend told her too much? The more Paula learns, the fewer people she can trust. When the police abandon the case, Paula must pursue it alone, before the killer strikes again to bury the last secret. When bounty hunter Akira Karyudo accepted her assignment, something didn't add up.

Why would the Galactic Trade Alliance want a young kidnapped orphan dead or alive? She will get to the truth once she finds the boy, and the no-good SOB who snatched him from a psychiatric hospital. With her cheetah, Freckles, a genetically enhanced feline retriever, Akira sets out to flush them out of the bowels of the Byzantium space station. But when she finds her fugitives, the kidnapper is not what she expects. Kazmo, a decorated Resistance fighter, stole his nephew from the authorities, who performed painful experiments on the boy.

Stuck on Byzantium, he protects the child, but how can he shield him from the horribly dangerous conditions in the lawless sublevels of the space station? Akira faces the worst moral dilemma of her career. Law or justice, duty or love. She can't have it both ways. With a touch of romance, the vivid descriptions and beautifully developed characters masterfully presented by Schartz create a virtual world that invite the reader not merely to observe, but to walk amongst them and participate This is a delicate art, and Schartz wields her weapons with precision and skill.

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Your browser version is outdated. We recommend that you update your browser to the latest version. Books Released in September and October Books We Love Ltd. I laughed with them and cried with them through out the story.

Kudos to Kelly Oram. All have a HEA and can be read as stand-alones, but better together. Rising rock stars and regular girls. I think the first book is called Hard Rock Arrangement.. So far there are 3 books in the series with book 4 due out soon I hope! He escapes and along the way takes a woman as a hostage. This was one of my favorites in her contemporary series. Never would have found it if not for this place. One of my favorite books ever in a million years!!!!! Excellent writing! Amazing fun read. Alden was really hot. I had to read it twice- I liked it so much.

She gets injured and he saves her. She is so unimpressed by him. I loved it! Michelle: …a light, funny romance. The small town in Scotland and the crew of misfits who is helping with the wedding is hilarious. Famous actor story. MichelleS loved this series! Three short novels that are one story alltogether. Loved it. I read it a couple of years ago but really liked it!

Pretty steamy too if I remember right! Ooooooh a KA recommendation!!! The h, in an abusive marriage, for years thought about the H, a famous sports star, a fantasy, to escape her reality. After the death of her husband, they meet by chance, and off their story goes. Sam is awesome, super hot, protective but of course has his own issues to deal with. Brittany loves this one! She becomes discovered as a model.

You ready legs? Thanks for creating all your lists. Jean found us this one! I am really liking it. Kind of like a Charlotte Stein book… lots of meaning and very likable characters. She gets stuck in a snowstorm and is rescued by a hot guy who turns out to be an upcoming rock star! She has no idea who he is and has a boyfriend already. Cheryl was getting a kick out of this one!

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I love Colton Donavan! I was late to the K. I was in a happy fog, my heart having clenched so many times throughout the books. Great recommendation. Warning, though, it took me a bit to be able to read again due to the happy fog. An oldy, but perfect for this list! I will be adding them all.

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Maryse you have to add How to Kill a Rockstar to your list. Stage Dive series by Kylie Scott are all ordinary everyday girls tangling with rock stars. Katy Evans Ripped too. Perfect by Judith McNaught is an oldie but still pretty good! I started Louder Than Love this afternoon and I am loving it. Plus I love love love Louder than Love.

Just bought the sequels today. It would be nice if you have a read of JT Geissinger books, take care hey cheers. This is one of my favorite types of story to read! Another good one is Forever Red by Carina Adams. Thank you so much for mentioning Storm! Lost in the Moment by K. Nichols is set to release on November 25, , but is available for pre order on Kindle.

I was lucky enough to read it since it was a friend who wrote it and I must say, I am in love with the characters and the story. A must read for anyone who enjoys these types of love stories. To Kylie. Does anybody know the name of the book: Girl meets famous actor at a wedding. Came out ! Does anyone remember the name of the book where the H is a famous actor and loses his memory in an accident?