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Scrape off the squeezed-out mortar 3 and use it to "butter" the exposed end of the brick you just placed. To hammer rock-breaking pins or to pound stakes, use the "driving swing. Place your left hand at the base of the handle, just above its flare, and your right hand behind the hammerhead. Power the hammer down through its arc with your upper body, your left hand pulling the handle down as the right pushes and steers.

TIP: for maximum accuracy, keep your eye on the target—the way you'd keep your eye on the ball at home plate. Hold it at a shallow angle to the wood and make a few light backward strokes to form a groove on the cut line.

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Tip the saw up to 45 degrees and stroke forward using as much of the blade's length as you can. Ease off pressure on the backstroke. Tip : To keep the saw on course, sight along the cut line slightly ahead of where the blade is cutting. According to the National Fire Incident Reporting System, 94 percent of the time a fire extinguisher is employed, a blaze is snuffed out within 2 minutes. A simple acronym—PASS—helps firefighters remember how to use an extinguisher properly. Stand back from the flames—about 8 ft.

Keeping the extinguisher upright, aim the nozzle at the base of the fire hitting the flames directly does nothing to put out the blaze.

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Squeeze the lever to discharge pressurized dry chemical and sweep from side to side until the fire is out. You'll splash flaming grease everywhere and run a high risk of burning yourself—not to mention spreading the fire. If you're okay with cleaning gunk out of gutters, diapers should be no problem. Lay the baby on his or her back on a firm padded surface with side railings or on the floor.

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Unfasten and open the diaper. With one hand, gently grasp the baby by the ankles; raise the baby's bottom and slide out the diaper. Still holding the ankles, clean the baby's bottom with a sanitary wipe or a wet cloth, wiping downward to keep the genitals clean.

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Slide the new diaper under the baby, lower the legs and release the ankles; fold up and fasten the diaper. Use snow tires on all four corners. On nondriving wheels, they maintain traction and prevent spinouts during braking or steering. Tall, narrow tires have more contact pressure than wide ones do, so they're better at cutting through snow down to pavement. Apply throttle sparingly to keep the wheels from breaking loose. Traction is poorest at near-freezing temperatures, when the pressure of the tires melts snow or ice into a thin, slick film of water.

The two rules: Move fast and use only cold water. If the blood is still wet, blot first with a paper towel. Don't rub; that only makes it worse. Rinse with mild detergent. If some stain remains, spray on Windex ammonia and soak again. Last resort: hydrogen peroxide before a final cold soak. Then wash normally in cold water; don't heat-dry until the stain is gone. First, determine which way the tree will fall. If it looks like a tossup, call in a professional; perfectly vertical specimens require ropes to pull the tree in the desired direction.

At a comfortable waist level, make a horizontal cut on the side where the tree is going to fall, stopping about a third of the way through the tree. Then make a wedge cut down to the same line.

100 Amazing Facts Everyone Should Know

The notch should open toward the direction of fall. Make sure you have a clear degree rear escape route before starting the back cut, aimed slightly above the V of the notch. When the tree starts to move, quickly withdraw the saw and retreat to safety. Yelling Timmmberrr!

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Remember teetering precariously on a bike while your dad ran behind holding the seat? There's a better way: Start with a bike small enough to allow the child to plant both feet on the ground. Then remove the pedals. Most kids begin using the bike like a scooter, pushing themselves along with their feet. Then they start lifting their feet to coast, which gives them the hang of balancingwhich is much easier to learn without the distraction of pedaling. Next thing you know, they beg you to put the pedals back on so they can ride farther and faster.

It comes down to tire placement.

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Think: Rubber first. Approach the rock or ledge slowly, using first gear and low range in the 4wd system. Aim the driver's side tire or passenger's side, depending on the obstacle's location for the rock or ledge at a slight angle, so the rubber hits before the bumper or fender. Once the tire finds traction and begins to pull the vehicle up, raise your sightline to see farther down the trail. If the tires spin, don't floor it. Instead, ease off the gas slightly and saw the wheel back and forth, which helps the tires hunt for traction.

coupsyworlfilen.cf Pushing cut: If you're righthanded, place your right thumb at the base of the blade. Wrap your left hand around the workpiece so that your left thumb touches the back of the blade's midpoint. Use even pressure and both thumbs to push the blade. Paring cut: Hold the underside of the workpiece in your left hand. With your right thumb under it, draw the knife toward you with the fingers of your right hand. To confirm that the hitch is secure on the ball, lift the rear of the tow vehicle a couple of inches with the trailer tongue jack.

Cross the breakaway chains under the tongue to prevent it from dragging on the pavement in case of a breakaway. To save yourself repeated trips to the rear of the trailer to check lights, turn on both the running lights and four-way flashers simultaneously. Thread 18 in.

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Roll the ends together to make a knot, then rub the thread with candle wax. Push the needle up through the fabric where the button will be, extending the thread fully to anchor the knot. Slide the button over the needle and down onto the fabric. Place a safety pin between the button and fabric as a temporary spacer.

Thread the needle back down through another hole in the button and through the fabric. Repeat until you're almost out of thread, then bring the needle up through the cloth, remove the safety pin, and wrap the thread six times around the other strands underneath the button. Thread the needle back down through the cloth. More: How to Sew by Hand.

Autumn's the season to teach this skill.